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Business areas
· Contract and toll manufacturing of specialties and fine chemicals for pharmaceutical and chemical industries
· Supplying specialties of epoxies, photo initiators to electronics, inks and coating industries.
· Specialized in development of UV/Radcure, specialty resins.
· Manufacturing additives for polyurethane, polyimide application
· Distributing FEP Fluor polymers, and other specialty chemicals
· i. Synasia’s current capacity for S-06E (equivalent to Daicel 2021P) is 2600 tons per year. By the end of January 2018, we will be adding another 1500 tons capacity. So by February 2018, we will be having 4100 tons capacity in S-06E (equivalent to Daicel 2021P).

Synasia has four factories with strong research and development teams and production crews in Jiangsu, China. Our strong synthesis background will be a good asset to customers to fill their fine chemical requirements, enable us develop process for chemical productions quickly. Synasia's reliability on quality and delivery time as well as flexibility to meet customer requirements is essential for its success. We believe in providing strong support to customers and partners.

Synasia concentrates on quick product development and production scale up for global pharmaceutical and epoxy, polyurethane, polyimide, ink and coating industries.

Synasia has a complete product ranges for the following Ink and Coating segments:
· UV/Radcure ERL 4221, ERL 4299, VCMX, etc…
· PI 6992, PI 6976, TPO, TPO-L, etc..

Synasia has the following diamine and anhydride for polyurathene application:
· MCDEA, A-157, PPDI, TODI, etc…

Synasia has a strong term for Distribution and Sales for both import and export. 

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